Cedarhome Springers

AKC English Springer Spaniels

Rex, one of the b/w/t boys 6wks

Happy and romping in South Carolina.  He made

the trip with flying colors. Thank you Delta for

going over and above.




The first one born.  He wasn't sure

at the begining if all this was a good

idea, but finally decided to be brave.

He seems to be a pretty self-confident

guy - takes everything in his stride.

In this pic.s he's almost 4 weeks old.

b/w male,  - Now living with the Roy's



Bently b/w male

A little bit smaller - very refined

A true classic

4 weeks, and growing...

Now residing at the Anderson's






Delighted when he arrived

he popped out with a perfect

white horseshoe -or "C"

(could only name him Cowboy!)

This is at 4 wks     (b/w male)

He made it to Springfield VA  - got to ride the first leg next to Rex

Delta made sure they could see each other on the flight. 


Joey our Liver & White male

The only male that was liver/white

he has a very out-going personality

and now is with Todd and Jeannie.




Winston arrived safe in Pullman -much to

every-ones great relief.  I took a few

pictures before he left, while playing

with his mom.

Congratulations Connie! (And thanks Pat

for all your help)

Elmo B/w/t male

As a tiny tot, he was very, very

Tick-el-ish.  Michael would giggle

while petting him - Had to be

Elmo.  This is Michaels favorite

from this litter, and Elmo comes

running over when-ever he's called.

He's a consumate clown, and very

happy-go-lucky.  He went with his

brother Bently to the Anderson's.

Thanks Janet and Eric for the updates!

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